on women in black and white fine art photography

Photographer Kamila Karpinska

331066_324724974232546_1717495625_o5aacbc798053c4ef3f1dfba15e574d9521f44d8d6183257040a3b66eba04dc16336047155f49fe6c27a755a8cd7d191296_193692834002428_2008217_of1224384f9b9d3fa78ab0f3d3f476bc7a6b912d4edeafc390773_292521834119527_520215359_n377561_292523264119384_2319469_n (1)422481_333264106711966_568441968_n622714_10151123683977476_911878731_o210865_275108092527568_1734859359_o218796_196920153679696_7116458_o413485_379643045407405_831494722_o332148_443194132385629_1914121749_o192035_432243260147383_562071605_o

2 responses

  1. Frank Pam

    Clever and imaginative!

    February 15, 2013 at 7:48 p02

  2. i love your pictures theses remind me of images from the movie eyes wide shut

    February 16, 2013 at 7:48 p02

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